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Rideshare FAQ

I commute from X to Y each day. Can you find me a ride-share?

This site is designed to empower you to find ride-shares yourself, through our Carpool World database. You can enter your commute information into our database by registering on this website. You might get matches with people are interested in using their own vehicles to share the ride or people interested in sharing the ride who has no vehicle. By giving you direct control of your own ride-share matching, we are able to serve more commuters

Can I use the database for occasional (e.g. shopping) or long-distance trips?

The program is intended to assist people who travel from home to work/school. Although we have no issue with alternative commutes, our system is designed to best help people looking for regular commutes and working/school schedules.

Am I obligated to join a carpool if I complete the on-line Go RideShare registration?

No. Completing the on-line registration is not a commitment to carpool and does not guarantee that we can provide a match. It is an expression of interest in exploring carpooling options available to you.

What do I do once I've registered and received my match list?

Start by contacting persons on your list in the order they appear. They should be listed in order of proximity to your home. If they are interested in carpooling, arrange to meet at a local place to introduce yourselves and work out the arrangements, obligations, emergency situations, driving records and auto insurance. This should give you an idea about whether you like the person and feel comfortable sharing the ride with them

What if I don't find a match?

If we can't find a match right away, please check back regularly. As our database grows, so does its potential for making matches.

Is there a cost?

No. Use of this website is absolutely free because of the financial support of the Southwestern Michigan Planning Commission and the Michigan Department of Transportation. Once you find a ride-share, you will need to decide how to share the costs of your commute with the other members of your group.

Is my information kept confidential?

Go RideShare does not share mailing lists or other personal information. Go RideShare will however, release participation reports and program statistics with funding partners.

Are Carpool participants screened?

No, Go RideShare does not screen participants. The carpool matching service is provided to assist you in identifying other potential carpool partners. We do not run background checks on participants, check for valid driver's licenses or assess insurance coverage. We highly recommend getting to know potential carpool matches prior to making formal commitments in order to verify licensing and insurance as well as determining personal suitability.

What is my commitment if I carpool?

You should be on time, responsible and work with other members of your carpool to insure the continued success of the carpool.

What happens if I am sick, oversleep or have an emergency?

Always have a back-up plan. All members of the group should keep a list of home, work and cell phone numbers for situations like these. Do not rely on email communication if you can't drive in the morning. If one of your group members is frequently late, agree on how long the group waits at each stop before leaving. An AAA membership is a good idea for those occasions when keys are accidentally locked in the car or you find yourself with a flat tire.

How do we keep our carpool working?

A successful carpool, like any other relationship, is based on communication, understanding, respect, honesty and flexibility. Give your carpool group a bit of time to sort out any wrinkles. Your commitment can result in long-term savings and unexpected friendships.

What if our carpool isn't working out?

Call the members in your carpool and let them know it isn't working out for you. Give group members enough notice to make arrangements. You can then contact another person on your match-list or log back into the Go RideShare website to obtain a new match report. As the database grows so does the potential for matching.

This page last updated on 3/13/2018.