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Carpool Tips


Changing from a solo commute to a ridesharing arrangement may require some adjustment and compromise.  However, rest assured, the adjustment is easy and well worth it, especially when you follow our Pooling Pointers.  These are some great tips to help you create and maintain a successful carpool or vanpool.  


    • Set pick-up and drop-off times
    • Decide how long the pool will wait for latecomers
    • Make sure all drivers are insured
    • Decide whether food or drink will be allowed in the vehicle
    • Decide if smoking will be allowed
    • Will the radio be on? If so, what station does everyone like
    • Buckle up! Seatbelts are the law and really do save lives
    • Establish an emergency call chain. In the event of an emergency, you should have an assigned order for contacting each other.
    • Give notice of vacation plans or schedule changes
    • Give everyone a chance to have his or her say
    • Decide on driver reimbursement if you are not sharing driving equally.
    • Get to work or school on time!
    • Have fun!


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This page last updated on 6/29/2018.