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Mobility Management

What is Mobility Management?

Mobility managers provide the connection between community partners and transportation providers. They disseminate information on what transportation services are available, collaborate with workforce development and human service professionals about their customers' and clients' needs. They facilitate travel training and orientation for individuals, and feed data on unmet needs into the transportation planning process. They work with community partners to create innovative services, such as those mentioned above. Mobility managers partner with other community stakeholders, including economic development agencies, and take part in the creation of newly coordinated services or the expansion of existing services 

Mobility Management involves:

  • Developing an inventory of available services;
  • Identifying customer needs;
  • Developing strategies to meet the needs;
  • Coordinating financial and other resources;
  • Improving coordination through transportation providers;
  • Training human service staff and volunteers;
  • Promoting the use of innovative technologies, services, and other methods to improve customer service and coordination; and
  • Developing customer information and trip planning systems.

Berrien County Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

In 2009, the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission produced the Berrien County Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. The plan outlines strategies to address transportation gaps and offers guidance for Berrien County's allocation of funds, Federal Transit Administration/FTA 5310 (Seniors and People with disabilities), 5316 (Job Access Reverse Commute/JARC) and 5317 (New Freedom) grant funds.

The outcome of this study was the formation of the Berrien County Coordinated Transportation Coalition (BCCTC). This is a coalition of over 20 agencies, including social service agencies, government departments, and transit agencies. Their mission is to work toward providing coordinated transportation to meet the needs of Berrien County residents.

2012 Coordination Plan Update:

We are currently in the process of updating the Berrien County Coordinated Transportation Plan that was created in 2009. We are soliciting comments and suggestions from human service agencies and the general public. The plan focuses on transportation issues or barriers that seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income populations face. Your comments and suggestions will be added to the update of the 2009 Coordination Plan.

General Public Comments and Suggestions

Please submit any comments or suggestions here that you may have about transportation services that you are using. 

Questions about the website, can be directed to the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission at 269-925-1137 x 1518 or by email at: gallagherk@swmpc.org.



On-going Coordination Efforts

We are committed to making transportation in our region accessible, coordinated, and seamless. Below, you will find updates to let you know the current issues, accomplishments, and overall status of meeting our goals.

Coordination Update-March 2012

Coordination Update-April 2012

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