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 If better is possible, good is not enough…

Strategic planning requires agreeing on a common mission and defining achievable goals. As part of the process, you have to be willing to identify strengths and weaknesses and changes that need to be made in the process and delivery of transit services. 

One important aspect of the strategic planning process is recognizing that transit is part of a larger transportation system. When the community recognizes the connection between public transit and an excellent overall transportation system, implementation of these planning initiatives will be more successful. 

2018 Connect Berrien Plan for Public Transit in Berrien County 

 2014 A Plan For Public Transit in Berrien County

We are pleased to present the final draft of the 2014 Plan For Public Transit In Berrien County and are excited by the opportunity it provides to move the public transit discussion forward in Berrien County.

Why do we need a Plan for Public Transit in Berrien County?

Today there are four independent public transit providers in Berrien County providing essential services within their service boundaries; however, the coverage and level of the services is inconsistent across the county and many residents and employees do not have public transit options available to them. Communities in Berrien County face serious challenges over the next ten years: meeting the needs of the aging population and tackling poverty, while attracting and retaining young people and supporting growth in the regional economy.  An improved and more robust countywide transit system will put Berrien County in a better position to rise to these challenges.

It is about the passenger:

Conversations now will ensure that our most vulnerable populations can remain independent with access to fresh food, employment and educational opportunities, health care and recreational facilities.

To move the conversation forward we must:

  • Have a baseline understanding of public transit in Berrien County
  • Understand the benefits and concerns resulting from consolidation of of the four public transit services in Berrien County.
  • Understand the steps needed to move public transit systems toward a consolidated model within Berrien County

2016 Regional Human Services Coordinated Transportation Services Plan

 2014 Plan For Public Transit in Berrien County

2009 Berrien County Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

In 2010, the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission produced the Berrien County Coordinated Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. The plan outlines strategies to address transportation gaps and offers guidance for Berrien County's allocation of FTA 5310 (Seniors and People with disabilities), 5316 (JARC) and 5317 (New Freedom) grant funds.

The outcome of this study was the formation of the Berrien County Coordinated Transportation Coalition (BCCTC). This is a coalition of over 20 agencies, including social service agencies, government departments, and transit agencies. Their mission is to work toward providing coordinated transportation to meet the needs of Berrien County residents.

2014 Plan For Transit in Berrien County

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