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Vanpoolers can read, sleep, or surf the web

More specifically, what is Enterprise Rideshare?

For long-distance commuters, Enterprise Rideshare vanpooling allows groups of coworkers who live near one another to save time and money by commuting to work together each day.


The typical commute to work is longer than ever

The number of long-distance commuters in America is rapidly growing. Vanpooling helps those with an average commute to work of 50 miles each way claim back their time by improving the quality of their ride to work.


It’s not your typical carpool or ride sharing service

Unlike ride hailing apps that require you to request, wait and pay for each use, or the typical routine of carpooling to work which puts wear and tear on your personal vehicle, Enterprise Rideshare helps groups of coworkers form a vanpool. We provide them with a newer model van or SUV (that’s often nicer and more comfortable than their personal vehicle), and they split the monthly rental cost among the participants. Thanks to our Guaranteed Ride Home program, they don’t have to worry about unforeseen schedule changes.

  Are You Ready for a Better Commute?

Discover how the Enterprise Rideshare vanpooling program benefits companies and improves the lives of their employees.


Our Vanpool Program

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What are the advantages of a vanpool?

For employees:

  • It saves money over driving alone
  • When you don't drive, you can relax during your commute.
  • Vans are spacious, air-conditioned and comfortable.
  • Vanpooling reduces pollutants: each passenger represents one less car in traffic.

For employers:

  • Vanpools help employers bring employees to work.
  • Vanpools provide a cost-effective, easily monitored way to use transportation subsidies.
  • Vanpools reduce the need for additional parking.
  • Employer-organized vanpools are a valued employee benefit. They improve employee morale and employee relations.
This page last updated on 1/3/2019.