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Van Buren Public Transit

Van Buren Public Transit is a public, not-for-profit transportation agency providing curb-to-curb service to anyone including wheelchair accessible transportation for individuals who cannot access other transportation alternatives. Service is available to everyone in Van Buren County. We transport people using medical aids, as well as those accessing jobs, educational services and day- to- day activities. Our services reflect a commitment to meeting the mobility needs of/for all.

 What We Believe...

We believe that all people are entitled to live as independently as possible within their life circumstances.

We believe that freedom of movement is a fundamental necessity in our society.

We believe that everybody counts, regardless of age, health or income, and has a contribution to make to the community in which they live.

This Web site offers you a convenient "front door" to our many services. You can access information on Dial a Ride services, Flex Routes, fares and schedules. 

Phone: 269-427-7921 or 1-800-828-2015        

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NEWS: Local Advisory Council

Wednesday, 1/10 at 10 am

Van Buren Transit, Bangor

Everyone is invited.  


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