Ways to Apply for a Reduced Fare Card

Ways to Apply:

There are two ways to apply for a Regional Reduced Fare Card:

To Apply In-Person

Applicants may pick up an application from the transportation provider of his/her choice.

To Apply by Mail

Download and print an application here. After you have completed the application, mail the application to your nearest public transportation provider. List of the participating transit providers. If you do not have access to a printer, you may call your nearest transportation provider to request an application be sent to you by mail.

More details about the application process.
 Reduced Fare CardReduced Fare Card rfc_app_process_3a.jpg
Applicants must send a copy of their current state issued photo ID if mailing their application. Please attach copies of any other verifying documentation such as a copy of a Medicare card or SDD award letter if applicable.
This page last updated on 5/3/2021.