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Navigating Your Route

Use local streets. Want to travel by bike, but don't want to deal with the traffic? There are often parallel streets that go through residential and lightly traveled commercial districts; using these will make bicycling both more enjoyable and safer.

Map it out. Let's say you want to bike to work, or maybe you want to drive less and spend more time outdoors. Biking directions can help you find a convenient and efficient route that makes use of dedicated bike trails or lanes and avoids hills whenever possible. To find biking directions go to Google Maps and select the bicycling icon when you do a directions search. Remember, a map may have a different idea of "bike-friendly" than you are comfortable with. If you don't already know the route, it is strongly suggested that you do a test run before you use it for a commute.

Other riders can help. Ask other bicyclists how they get from point A to point B; bicyclists love to share their knowledge of good rides and routes.

Watch the video tutorial on how to use biking directions on Google

This page last updated on 5/14/2019.