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Getting There By Bike

A bicycle can be a low-cost, healthy and flexible way to get around. Every year more and more people in Southwest Michigan travel to work by bicycle. Others use a bicycle for errands, to ride with their kids, or to get exercise. 

Cold or wet weather can make bicycling challenging, there may be ways to expand your bicycling. For example, in Benton Harbor and St. Joseph you can ride your bicycle to a bus stop, then load it on the bus for longest part of the trip.  See the link for details on how to load a bike on the bus.

Or, if you want a bicycle that’s easier to start, get up hills and ride further, consider adding an electric motor to your bicycle, or buying a ready-made electric bicycle.

Tips on Getting A Bicycle

  1. Ask around: people you know may have or know of an unused bicycle that might fit your needs!
  2. You may want to try Southwest Michigan Craigslist, or visit various resale shops for a used bicycle.
  3. There are often bicycles at the Police Auctions or call your local county sheriff’s department, for example: Berrien County. 
  4. Cycle-Re-Cycle is a unique program in Southwest Michigan located in Benton Harbor, that seeks to empower people through mechanical skills and access to quality bikes regardless of identity or socioeconomic status.  Used bicycles are donated by the community and refurbished by volunteers. Volunteers and program participants can earn a bicycle with volunteer time.  Youth and adults alike can volunteer at Cycle-Re-Cycle to learn the ins and outs of bicycle repair, and earn credit hours. Credit hours can be exchanged for bicycles, bicycle parts, or time in the stand (repair your own bike).
  5. Local bicycle shops offer a wide range of bicycles and can help you find one that’s right for you.
  6. Be Healthy Berrien has local information on trail and walking facilities on their Be Active page! 
This page last updated on 5/14/2019.