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Traveling with a Disability

For many with mobility issues, the realities of long distance travel can often cause undue stress and anxiety. This is counter-productive since many long distance trips are for the purpose of vacationing, which is to relax, de-stress and to take a break from our normal routine. 

Traveling By Bus

Greyhound is very clear and forthright on its policies for traveling with a disability. There are some combined weight and maximum height requirements for wheelchairs, so be sure to check them out. Greyhound has service areas and routes throughout the States, and can even get you to parts of Canada and Mexico.

Coach USA is an option for scheduled bus services, city-wide sightseeing tours, and charter bus rental throughout several states, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and parts of the Midwest and Canada. According to its fleet information page, each type of bus in service is ADA-compliant, and the only catch is 48 hours notice concerning your needs. Since it’s always wise to contact a charter service well in advance, this shouldn’t be a problem for most folks.

Megabus covers major urban areas mostly in the north, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington. This company requires you to contact customer service and confirm that wheelchair accessible buses are available for your intended travel.

Traveling By Air

Flying with a disability should not create any hindrance in your journey. Some people assume that if a person has a disability it will restrict their opportunity to travel by air.

Flying with a disability is slightly more complicated than it is for an able-bodied flier. The good news is, today the majority of all airlines are now geared towards catering to air travelers with disabilities.

The Friendship Circle blog  provides impartial information and advice to people with disabilities who travel. 

If you have additional questions it is suggested that you contact the airline you will be flying with on your trip.  You can download a printable contact list for most of the airlines operating out of the United States.

Traveling By Train

Train travel can be relaxing, practical and offer an experience unmatched by any other method of transportation. But along with this method of travel come additional issues for the mobility-challenged. Confined spaces and limited room means you need to plan ahead in order to enjoy the trip to its fullest. 

Amtrak provides additional services to passengers with disabilities and have worked to make their facilities more accessible to customers with disabilities.

South Shore Line offers daily round trip service from Chicago to South Bend and Michigan City.  Not all stations are wheelchair accessible, so check the website for station-specific accessibility features.

Destination guide for travelers with disabilities and their families.