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by Kris Martin
Monday, August 13, 2018

WSJM-  August 2, 2018 Berrien County will be helping out Cass County on managing transportation services. After tabling a resolution to allow county transportation and planning coordinator Evan Smith to work one day a week for Cass County last week, commissioners voted 11-1 to approve the assistance. Berrien County Administrator Bill Wolf says Cass County will pay $33,000 a year for the help.

“This is money we could use, this is an employee we can share with our fellow county, Cass County, that needs him desperately,” Wolf told the county board. “In our very mission, it talks about cooperating with other levels of government.”

Commissioner Ezra Scott cast the only “no” vote, saying he wanted to see quarterly transportation reports. Several other commissioners went from being on the fence at the start of a roughly 20-minute discussion. Berrien County has a 60-day out that can be used for any reason during the one-year deal.